Veterinary Practice Doest | About us
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About us

The practice was founded by Odette Doest hence the name veterinary practice Doest aka Dierenartsen Praktijk Doest.


Drs. Doest  received her diploma in Utrecht, The Netherlands on her 26th Birthday! That is why she jokes that they gave her  her diploma as a gift.


Dr. Doest worked in the Netherlands, in the jungles of Peru,Bolivia and Brazil, in the USA at the flight of wonder show in Disney’s animal kingdom. Her main focus is small animal medicine with a specialty in birds and exotics. While working in Peru  in the jungle for 2 yrs, she even treated some homo sapiens as her cabin was closer by than a boat trip of 4 hrs to the local nurse in the madre de dios river basin.


In 2001 she felt it was the right time to come back to the island. The practice  started out doing only house visits, and that still is one of our main services with  15 yrs of experience in house visits, form Banda Riba till Banda Bou. By car, horse, feet, or boat, she has visited many patients with even some patients on the islands Aruba and Bonaire…


Our main clinic is situated in Julianadorp. We do perform a wide range of operations, on a wide range of patients; from a 60 gram bird to a 200 kilo lioness.


Other services offered are Ultrasound diagnostics, x rays, blood laboratory, surgery, hospitalization, pick up services, and all the most common treatments you would expect of a certified veterinarian.


We do welcome feathered friends to stay as their family goes on vacations. For our furry friends we only  do so for those who are sick or injured and need some extra medical care while their human families  are away from the island.  For pet hotels click on our links for the available pet hotels on the island. We do house turtles, rabbits cavia when their bosses are on vacation.


Our team consists of 3 veterinarians Drs. Odette Doest en Drs. Mariana Silva,Mira Timmer and 4 technicians; our accountant, our cleaning lady  and the gardener. We all love animals, like they are part of our family. We hope you will have a pleasant experience with Team Vet Doest, despite the reason for your visit. Please explore our website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question  or want to make an appointment.


App/cellphone  : 59995151776
Helpdesk : 59998682621
Emergency only: +59995651776
Email :


You can keep track of our animal adventures @ our facebook page;  but remember for direct action do call or mail the practice on our email address, not on facebook.  If we are really busy, facebook is not the first thing on our mind…