Veterinary Practice Doest | Birds
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Treating Birds

We are specialized in veterinary car for avian species.We treat everything wether it is a baby hummingbird, a colorful lparrot or an angry ostrich.

Dr. Doest has been working with birds and treating them since 1995, starting as a at the utrecht university, and trough special training programs in Wisconsin, New York, Boston, Disney Animal Kingdom in Orlando, and in the wild in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Bonaire.

When it is a good idea to visit your vet with your bird. you can go for a yearly check ( weight, advice on feeding), Dna gender testing, we do surgeries, fractures, ultrasounds and surgery. if they are very sick they can always be hospitalized. we can assist you with correct nail or if necessary, wing clips.

we can advise in behavior problems and breeding facilities. besides dr Doest the rest of the team is also trained in handling and medicating hospitalized birds.