Veterinary Practice Doest | Cats
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Katten Algemeen

Cats have grown more popular over the years and many household have a cat as a pet. cats are cheaper than dogs when it comes to food, they eat less. They demand less attention than dogs, but don’t think that they do not need attention!


a common mistake made is that cats do not need much medical attention. Cats also need to be vaccinated, especially against the feline leukemia virus that is endemic in this part of the world. deworming is important s cats do eat small prey like mice which could bring on an infection of intestinal parasites.


We treat cats in different sizes. We see a lions as a overgrown kitten. At veterinary practice doest we have treated lions, pumas, jaguars, and all the different breeds that you can find on a small island like curacao.we love it, when the cats are comfortable in the practice. Sometimes a house visit is more convenient for the cats, but they do need to be at home and not able to escape from the home when the vet comes to the house!!! We do surgery in cats whether is castration or spays, urine tract operations, eyes corrections and or other surgeries if needed. we do ultrasounds of harts and internal organs. some common procedures are teeth cleaning, if needed they can be hospitalized andre do our best to house them separately from dogs when done so.