Veterinary Practice Doest | Dogs
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Treatments for Dogs

The most common dogs on the island is the so called westpointers, a beautiful mutt that has a lot of different breeds in them. contrary to popular believe they also are susceptible to the most common diseases that we have on the island, and is very important to “stick” to the vaccination schedule as they are young and consult with us for the further schedule in the rest of their lives, which can be adapted to the specific needs of your pets lifestyle and susceptibility. They can also have allergies, and hip problems, things people believe only pure breed dogs have. Not true!


We see a lot of chihuahuas , toy poodles and daschounds and jack Russell’s, and our vet who is the founder of the practice has owned and bred weimaraners and shepherds for the past two decades so we are also found of working dog breeds, ( like mastinos, rottweilers, Cane corso’s , Boerboels) and know how to handle them. In short all dog breeds are welcome.


We do general consultations, house visits, a wide range of surgery from spay and neuters to elective eye surgery and all necessary soft tissue surgery. we offer Emergency vet care, hospitalization, ultrasounds, and a wide range of blood and other lab work.For our pathology and cytology we work together with VPDC of the Utrecht university, and for rabies titers we send out blood to The CVI in Lelystad.

we can assist in behavior and training advice from small puppy to large and elder dogs, and do refer to dog trainers we trust if we feel that would be the best option.

We love dogs and their goofy perks very much and hope to welcome you in our vet doest family. We value your pet as an extended family member, and respect the relationship between you and your Pet, whether he is your sleeping companion or the fierce gard dog at your premises.