Veterinary Practice Doest | Zoo Animals
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Zoo Animals

Dr Doest’s Zoo Animals Experience

We do treat zoo animals, DrDoest has gained experiences in zoos like Artis, the Bronx zoo and disney animal kingdom and the small zoo that was called parks tropical in Curacao. In her work in the jungles of peru and brazil some amazing exotic animals we treated as well. We are also currently working with the ostrich farm of curacao and some small collections of exotic animals in private zoo’s. in Curacao.

In curacao a lot of people keep animals like monkeys, and there are also people with ocelots, of cayman because they used to be easy ly smuggled in to curacao….

The law has been changed so it is more difficult to obtain and keep exotic animals and those who are allowed to keep them have to comply with the rules for housing and managing exotic animals in captivity. we do have the possibly to dart animals if needed, for sedation. Besides monkeys we see a lot of pigs and exotic cattle (mini cows and llamas and alpaca), and reptiles like the larger tortoises, snakes and chameleons.